Tribes of October - the high concept crime thriller written by Duvall - is under new management. 

Cenzo Media and Vince Duvall are still post -producing The Big Bad City a crime thriller set in Los Angeles.  Cenzo Media productions are listed on Cenzo Media IMDB. For information about Tribes of October, The Logic of Loss or Love and a Long Shot, contact Duvall directly. 

Duvall has also directed many shorts and produced just as many. Cenzo Media is currently partnering with other companies.

Vincent Duvall - Filmmaker/Producer Cenzo Media

Vince Duvall is an award winning independent producer/filmmaker whose goal is to develop and produce commercially successful entertainment that expresses an enlightening, positive outlook for the human experience while exploring themes from fresh perspectives.

Enmeshed in the independent film community for the last ten years, he helps produce Dances with Films, a Los Angeles based indie film festival in its 22nd year. Consulting, researching or just viewing over 200 films a year, he keeps his a finger on the pulse of the indie trends and market. As producer he has worked on several features including his own Love and a Long Shot, Tribes of October, the Logic of Loss – a feature shot on location in Paris, Amsterdam, Oslo, NY Time Square, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Los Angeles  - and the award winning short Guard Dogs as well as countless other shorts.

His experience as an actor on crime dramas, which are helmed by people like Michael Mann and Jerry Bruckheimer, affords insight into the evolution of crime drama in American Culture. He is currently in development on his own projects in the genre. (The Big Bad City, Tribes of October, Killing Karma, A Businessman’s Guide to Russia.)

A list of professional credits is online at:  Vince Duvall’s IMDB.com

After traveling abroad in Europe, Africa and the Americas, he was a stadium operations manager with the Los Angeles Dodgers for three years, running special events and Dodger home stands. He franchised a Seattle’s Best coffee house and started his own production company, Cenzo Media, with money made as an actor. He is the director of Cenzo Media with the DePasquale Brothers and CEO of Duvall, Inc. He also works with the Hollywood Beautification Team (LA/HBT) and many animal rescue agencies in the community.

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