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SUMMER 2018  - Duvall has focused on features this year with three in the last five months. Darkest Roads, a crime thriller with Duvall as the seasoned veteran detective who is saddled with an unstable rookie. Each with their own dark pasts. The Harbinger, a paranormal thriller, shot in Minnesota with Duvall as a detective saddled with the Devil. And Mary for Mayor, shot Virginia, a light-hearted and heartfelt family dramedy with Duvall as the mayor of a small town whose daughter turns 18 and decides to run against him. Duvall worked with Corbin Bernsen on Mary for Mayor and is currently working on a production deal for Corbin’s script Ho Ho Ho,  a psychological horror / thriller also to be shot in Minnesota. Additionally Duvall has worked on several national commercials this year including Mercedes which he is shooting in August.

DWF - 2018 - June 8 - June 17 at the Chinese Theater - This year marked the 21st anniversary of the Dances with Films Festival that Duvall helps produce every year in Hollywood at the famous Chinese Theater. He is very proud to be a part of the defiantly independent festival  that Leslee Scallon and Michael Trent founded in 1998. He has worked with the festival for the last 15 years. With a wide variety of features, docs, shorts and now new episodic content, this was the best year yet.  You can find information about the festival at

WRITING - In the meantime he is very busy writing for a Hollywood studio system that clearly is in need of fresh content. His scripts include a sports script about the rise of the free agent, a high concept, character driven  action/crime story set in Venice, CA, an international terrorist story where the perpetrators are the very corporations that run international banking and impose their esoteric agenda on an anesthetized, wide eyed public. A bi-racial courtship story, loosely based on His Girl Friday and a dystopian love story set in the not so distant LA.  While he has sold a few, you can generally  find most of his scripts underneath the giant agency packages that inundate studio execs. Or request a beat sheet directly.

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Vince Duvall - Biography

TV credits include many recurring and guest roles on familiar crime dramas with known actors like Alec Baldwin, Viola Davis, Patricia Arquette, James Cahn, Anthony LaPaglia, Lawrence Fishburn, Paul Guilfoyle, Tim Roth and Craig Nelson. He also has appeared in several sitcoms and family favorites. In addition to appearing in a wide range of indie feature films and shorts, Duvall helps produce DWF the last truly indie film festival at the Hollywood Chinese Theater every year. He also managed Dodger Stadium and franchised a Seattle Best café in the greater LA area. When not acting he is a writer, does stand-up and works with the Upright Citizens Brigade in and around Hollywood.

Originally from Boston and then San Francisco, Vince Duvall-DePasquale studied film and theatre at UCLA and business at UC Berkeley. After winning the Shakespeare Award at UCLA, he went to Oxford, England (Baliol) where he studied classical acting with professionals in the UK film business like Jeremy Irons, Vanessa Redgrave, Brian Cox and classical training with the RSC, LAMDA and RADA. In his first professional stage production, he appeared as a lead in Acapulco, written and directed by Steven Berkoff at the Odyssey Theater in Los Angeles. While at UC he was a member of Sigma Alpha Mu, the UC Taekwondo team. Other achievements include being named most humorous, making the Dean's List and assisting the UC Career Center launch Callisto-OCR (On-Campus Recruiting Program).

He also helps produce Dances with Films, the wildly popular and last truly independent film festival- at the Hollywood Chinese Theater every year, has worked in his community with the Hollywood Beautification Team (LA/HBT) and various animal rescue organizations (CareRescueLA), and writes reviews for LA Theatre

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